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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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trialna's most political in more than a decade. xilai. a lie -- bo the government continues to bombard damascus suburbs. areas they claim chemical weapons have been used. and the former egyptian leader whose the mubarak -- hosni mubarak could leave prison today but faces further legal trouble. hello, you are watching "france 24" live from paris. i am karen roberts. trial and has
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appeared for the first time in 17 months in public. he is accused of receiving 2.7 million euros in bribes from businessmen -- from businessmen during his time as party secretary. in northeastern china and abuse of power while he was the party chief in 2012. the current chinese leadership hopes that the scandal, which punished the chinese communist party into crisis last year will soon be over now, but this trial -- now that this trial is underway. police presence outside court as the star defendants arrive in a case that has gripped the chinese public and observers worldwide. charismatice politician. defending himself against bribery, and puzzlement, and abuse of power, and is expected to be found guilty.
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denied one of the charges that he accepted bribes from businessmen when he was based in delhi and. in dalien. the trial of bo xilai was the culmination of china's biggest political scandal at the end of the cultural revolution. the scandal has pitted supporters of mao against the has alsots -- it energized chinese citizens, saying there is a growing gap between rich and poor and the corruption of politicians. as adon't support bo xilai person but i support the policies he adopted. why should they put him in jail. >> what we are most concerned about after the case is over,
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what direction will china go in? will we have human rights? will we have the right to vote? and when can we have human rights? we cannot even get close to the court. >> the case has exposed the deep divisions between the ruling chinese communist party and the society. the verdict is expected in early september. >> to discuss the trial further, we can talk with the erector of f research center in rome. thank you for joining us. it is a done deal, isn't it? these decisions are made in advance behind closed doors. >> of course. the kind of trial has to be results before it starts. the accused should play the role which has been -- the question is, will bo xilai do it according to what has been forecast.
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this is not obvious. apparently, it is a trial about bribes and corruption, which is a very widespread phenomenon among chinese leadership. in fact, it is a political trial. as bo xilai represents in a way the neo-maoist line, which has many supporters not only -- also , the people's liberation army. the question is, will the new leadership send a positive signal to supporters of bo xilai by giving him a light sentence, or will they give him a very harsh sentence bo xilai, which will mean that bo xilai's -- will move -- which will mean
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's line will -- >> this is also a political trial, so what about the transparency aspect of it? the higher echelon within the chinese communist party saying that they want more transparency and that no politician is above the law? >> that is the real problem. accused has been unjustly by campaigns that do not respect chinese law. the trial against bo xilai also violates the law. it happens over a year and a , af after he was arrested year after he was expelled from the party. the question is, it is not a trial that respects the rule of law. the real motivations behind these trials are more political , as any party
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leader has actually a problem with corruption. the question is not about corruption, the question is that bo xilai was a real danger for they areeadership, so supposed to settle the question. this is not according to the rule of law. and hebeen prepared, should act according to the script. >> thank you very much for your analysis. this was jean-phillipe beja. activist videos claiming to show effects of a chemical attack, of ae with symptoms chemical attack. inconsistencies have
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been cited. they say the only way to gather conclusive proof is if u.n. inspectors went in to examine them personally. the activists also say the government is continuing to bombard the areas. this report contains graphic images that viewers may find disturbing. >> these are the shocking images that have caused international uproar, this footage released by syrian activists aiming to show casualties of an alleged chemical weapons attack. the rebels claim this is conclusive evidence of the government's using chemical weapons on its own people, something the searing government has vociferously denied. the images have been studied by that's something the syrian government has vociferously denied. there isst impression a large number of people demonstrating the shaking of limbs, dilation of pupils in some cases, it would be
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consistent with some kind of trauma to the nervous system. symptomsed that these were not consistent among everyone in the videos and cautioned that it is too early to come to any definitive conclusions from the footage alone. >> there are examples which ,eemed a little hyper-real almost as if they have been set up. >> others question the authenticity of the videos, why doctors are treating them without protective clothing or masks. investigating three sites of chemical weapons abuse over the past year. -- it raises questions as to why the regime would use chemical agents at this time. however, the scale of the attack , conventional or chemical, points to a serious unitarian crimeon a -- humanitarian
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on a community. the un security council said it was necessary to clarify reports of a chemical attack in the suburbs of damascus. the united states is deeply concerned by reports of the foreignand the french minister laurent fabius says -- of the reasons of the muted response from the united nations. >> the un's secretary-general has called for inspectors to and hecess to the site, is called for an investigation. the call was echoed by western members of the un security council. however, the russian position -- i am quoting the foreign ministry -- that this attack in damascus oaks like an attempt to that thepretext
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security council side with opponents of the regime and undermine the chances of convening the geneva conference. so that, again, highlights the deadlock in the un security council, and it also shows you in the u.n. inspectors damascus are so hamstrung. there has been a lot of politics going into this whole visit. they have negotiated with the assad regime about access to some sites -- so part, -- so far, reportedly three -- but there are other sites where chemical weapons have reportedly been used that inspectors cannot go. and the inspectors cannot say who is responsible. they can only say that is not part of the agreement. >> former egyptian leader hosni mubarak could leave prison today. he has out state the maximum detention permitted for a corruption case, two years behind bars.
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what he still faces further legal trouble, and is due to appear in court on sunday, charged with implicit in the killing of protesters. he was sentenced to life in prison in this case last year, but authorities accepted a retrial. >> he ruled egypt with an iron fist for 30 years, was toppled in 2011, at now hosni mubarak could soon walk out of jail. the news came as a blow for many revolutionaries. gone backikely have three years, as if our revolution never happened. >> face with the current political crisis, a coup d'├ętat, , andemoval of mubarak further bloodshed, the egyptians welcome his release. >> i am very happy. we lived in security under mubarak, at now people are
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getting killed and youth are dying. >> judicial authorities were upset that he spent too long in custody after some of the corruption charges against him were dropped. state media say mubarak is now likely to remain under house arrest or be transferred to military hospital tom a review will be heavily guarded. a normal procedure according to the legal expert. >> this is is not a final sentence because he is only being released on bail. the judgment does not declare him innocent. there is a big difference between a sentence and once it happens, which is only a decision to release him on bail. the 85-year-old still faces further legal trouble thomas accused of complicity for the killing of protesters, due to appear in court for retrial sunday. >> staying with egypt and the subject of aid to the country, the european union has agreed to restrict exports of security a
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cookman and armistice cairo -- and arms to cairo. the foreign ministers held emergency talks yesterday to find ways to help bring an end to the violence. veteran leader robert magali has been sworn in for a new five-year term in a massive ugabe has been sworn in for a new five-year term in a massive stadium. he shuns the swearing-in ceremony, designed to confer legitimacy on both the vote and his 33 year grip on power. japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant is going under
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further checks, expecting 300 tanks during highly radioactive water. this one sprang a leak that is feared to have seeped into the pacific ocean. some 300 tons of toxic liquid is believed to-- is have escaped from one of the tanks. in the philippines, heavy rains have triggered landslides and flash floods. officials say that at least 16 people have been killed. the southwest monsoon, which lasts from june to september, was intensified by a tropical storm, bringing torrential rains to manila and nearby provinces of an island affecting more than one million people during the past watcher days. the local weather bureau as to the rainfall warning earlier today, the light rains are still expected. lead up operations have begun across the country. major roads -- cleanup operations have begun across the country. >> whenever i see the sky get
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dark i get scared because the water could rise. to stayamilies have had in evacuation camps as the water levels from the river have not yet receded. >> we do not encourage them to return because the water is still above 16 meters, still unsafe. >> some kilometers north of the capital, several low-lying towns in this heavily hit province are still underneath floods. >> we pray the weather conditions will improve so the villages can finally relax. some of them are too stressed to eat because they are worried about their flooded homes. >> the torrential rains of the last four days have affected more than one million people. damage to infrastructure and agriculture is estimated at 1.3 million euros. >> welcome to the week in the americas. coming up, facing charges, two with cocaine
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stashed in their baggage say they were forced to smuggle the drugs. plus, the passing of one of america's best-known crime writers, elmore leonard has died at the age of 87. but first, two young women from scotland to northern ireland, have made an initial court appearance in peru are they face charges of trying to smuggle 11 kilos of cocaine out of the country. they face between 15 and 18 years behind bars if convicted, but they claim they were kidnapped by a drug cartel and forced to transport the drugs. william hildebrand has the story. what is your nationality? k --llis or read and kellaa reid and
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maccallum were arrested with 11 kilos of cocaine packed in their bank. >> they were very nervous, confused. they do not speak spanish so it is difficult for them to communicate. >> they say they work forced to carry the cocaine, timing an armed gang recruited them while they were working in bars in the spanish island of the beast a ibiza.-- of th they may have been pawns in a larger plot. >> they were held at gunpoint, toced to do this, possibly let a bigger shipments through the airport. >> the women are accused of being drug mules, transporting $2.5 million of cocaine. nearlyprisons, there are 700 europeans convicted of drug trafficking. >> a person carrying drugs gets
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eight years. if they cooperate with the police, that penalty could be reduced. ranks as the world's producer, making 300 tons annually. authorities estimate there are some 400,000 drug mules every year, often paid between 5000 euros and 8000 euros. that is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of drugs smuggled by boat. anger on the streets of towns and city, columbia, where striking.ousands are this in the face of causing -- falling coffee prices and rising costs. the largest labor protest colombia has seen in years, and according to police, a number of people have been injured in
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clashes. mark edwards has more. >> it is the largest labor protest in years. --l mine care -- call miners coal miners, coffee formers -- coal miners, coffee farmers, and others. a series of labor protest over the past year in the country, which is struggling with an economic slowdown after three years of robust growth. the strikers are calling for an array of concessions, including greater agricultural subsidies and the and to free trade agreements -- and the end of free trade agreements. >> the idea to support these -- the idea is to support these people fighting for their rights. >> among the most powerful groups striking art coffee farmers. coffee was once columbia upon most -- was once columbia -- was ombia's biggest
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export. each group has their own particular grievances, but the simmering discontent has seen strikers united in demanding change, and they say they will not back down until something is done. policee have to fight with rocks and sticks, so be it. if there is more than one injured, so be it. but sincerely, until the president fixes the situation, we will not allow one card to pass. if we have to attack or burn it, we will do it. >> some truckers are parking their 18 wheelers in the middle of several highways. the government has responded by mobilizing some 15,000 police to dismantle the roadblocks. although the majority of protests have been peaceful, --aks of violence have outbreak of violence -- outbreaks of violence have been reported.
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negotiations have resumed in havana between a rebel group and the colombian government. the leftistt time, guerrilla group says it affect -- except for some responsibility -- accepts partial responsibility for deaths. serious violations of human rights during that conflict. analysts say together these two admissions of response ability mark a significant step forward in the peace process. could the made in mexico brand one day be more visible than made in china? a consulting group reduce that by 2025 mexico will be 30% more repetitive than china because workers salaries in china are on the rise, giving mexico the competitive edge. a townthis report from
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at the border with the united states. tty has practiced her routine for years. at 5:00 a.m. every day she works at a factory. she has multiplied and modernized. >> they treat us much better. the transport, the food, everything has improved. hashe salary, however, remained low. pesos forives 75 work. insurance, health insurance. it is about five euros less per week. >> those salaries in a country of 113 million people provide a constant supply of cheap labor. especially with mexico bordering the largest provider in the
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united -- in the world, the united states. dhis is evident in ciuda juarez. will mexico be the future factory of the world? this a, west answers this question. answers thisumnist question -- this is economist answers the question. >> mexico will be the factory for the americas while china will be the factory for asia . however, we will not be champions in the production of small objects made quickly with cheap labor. will continue to be produced in chinese factories . >> mexico excels in products with high value. electronics, automobiles, high technology products.
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mexicand by productivity, asian companies are settling in mexico. a taiwanese company chose this city to build its largest factory. >> ecuador and bolivia would also be cheaper, but in terms of taxes, would i find those conditions as good there as here? that is the first question. the second is, how far am i from my target market? treaties signed trade with countries all over the world, encouraging entrepreneurs despite the security and corruption problems that hamper the country's potential. >> he was one of america's best- known crime writers, and one month after suffering a stroke, elmore leonard died at his home in detroit tuesday. amongst his 45 gritty novels
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were bestsellers that inspired films such as "shorty" and "jackie brown." william hildebrand takes a look back at his life. had a ritual.ard first, write by hand, then on a typewriter. of america's most foremost crime writers and said he would never quit his passion of telling stories. >> there is no reason to. this is the most enjoyable thing i do. i have been doing it for nearly 60 years. theas very hard in beginning. >> his first five novels were westerns, but when the market shrank, he jumped to crime. many stories were adapted to screen. brown" was drawn from the novel. when you absolutely, positively have to kill every mother in the room, there is no
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substitute. leonard was praised for creating zany characters that use realistic dialogue. another hallmark characteristic, brevity. me"the new york times" asked if i would review a tom clancy book. they said it is only 400 and some pages. i said i don't read books more than 300 pages. intoxicating were mixtures of moral ambivalence and dark humor, often centered around conmen and murderers. >> i think there are more people imitating me then i have imitated. i have learned from, trying to write from some very good writers, from hemingway on him until i found out that hemingway did not have a sense of humor at all. >> leonard died from
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complications of a stroke he suffered earlier, though he did not put down his pen until the very end. at the time of his death, he was
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